Buying a memory foam mattress is not a minor investment. Some top of the line models can cost anywhere from $2000 to $6000. Because of the growing popularity of memory foam mattress is there are now hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of retailers selling these unique products. Not everyone is high quality (in fact most of them are not high quality). So if you’re going to buy a memory foam mattress how are you supposed to know which ones are high quality and which ones are not. You should be able to know the distinction because some companies will charge a lot of money for a mattress even if it isn’t high quality.

The Mattress Itself

When you’re looking to buy the ideal mattress you need to be aware that not all of the memory foam mattresses you see are equally created. Some are more dense, some are thicker, some are better for people who like firm mattresses, some will be better for people who like a softer mattress. If you like a firm mattress or a soft mattress this particular preference can be worked out with the manufacturer or retailer. Normally the mattress will be numbered so you know how soft or firm it is. What you may not know is what type of support foam is beneath the memory foam. You need to know if the foam is M-Grade support foam bed is at least 5 to 9 inches thick. If it is not M-Grade foam and it is not five to 9 inches and thickness then consider purchasing a different mattress.

Also inquire about the foams ability to provide airflow. A lot of people complain about older memory foam mattresses because they get too hot while they are sleeping on them. This happens because memory foam naturally absorbs body heat. But new foam technology has been produced in which the memory cells in the memory foam are spaced apart enough to allow air to flow through the mattress thus cooling it enough to prevent it from becoming too hot.

Buying Online

Shopping online can be a real treat because of the sheer volume that you have to select from. There are literally thousands of retailers and hundreds of manufacturers online selling this type of product. The only problem you have is that you may feel overwhelmed with so much choice. But when you’re making a decision such a spending a decent amount of money on a mattress like this you may need to take a little bit more time in making the decision. So you may need to browse many sites until you find one that is selling the mattress you want.

Now you can go to brand name stores online such as Sealy, Simmons, Stearns and Foster, Temper-Pedic, and Isoform and browse their selection. These mattresses maybe a little bit more expensive but they will probably be a little bit higher quality than other types. There are some manufacturers that offer high quality mattresses with no brand name recognition.

So how do you know if a website is selling quality mattresses? There are few things you can look at on the site itself to determine this. Look and see if they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. There should be a BBB logo on the site if they are (you can also search the BBB website for the name of the company). Also, look at the warranty offered on the mattresses. If the warranty is 10 years longer or more and covers everyday wear and tear on the mattress then you can all but guarantee that the manufacturer has faith in their mattress. You can find warranties that last 20 years or more online. If the warranty is not good move on to the next website.

Buying a memory foam mattress does not have to be a difficult process. You should however do your due diligence and make sure that you find one that is high quality with a good warranty.

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