Custom Memory Foam Products on the Market Today for Pets, Heavier Individuals and More

Since the very first memory foam mattress produced by Tempurpedic hit the markets in the early 1990’s, memory foam products have rapidly evolved in order to fit nearly any person’s individual need…including your pets!

First, the memory foam material has different variations of firmness, tensility, density and so on. These options provide individuals with chronic pain or even issues with body weight to have a comfortable nights sleep while keeping their spine more aligned and less pain throughout their body. Now as for the pet beds, we are currently seeing a trend in which many households not only want a memory foam mattress for their family, but also their dog or cat. In addition to ‘pet-pedic’ products’ growing popularity, new innovations are always in the works. How would you like to sit in a memory foam seat in your vehicle? Now that’s what I call comfortable! Currently, manufacturers are developing plans to implement memory foam in car seats in order to improve their customers’ experiences with the brands. This actually brings us back to the early days of memory foam where the technology was developed by NASA in order to help relieve the astronauts of the massive g-force pressure during lift off. Would this same idea allow us to experience a much more comfortable road trip or long drive? Actually visco elastic foam improves circulation by relieving pressure points on the body through the temperature sensitive memory foam material. So theoretically, it may just improve our vacation experiences. Now, the only thing to be concerned with is getting a little TOO comfortable.

Another issue regarding visco foam mattresses with weight issues for the individual using the mattress. Manufacturers have indeed taken this into account and in order to provide a high quality and beneficial sleep experience, they have developed memory foam mattresses with much higher densities and firmness so that the material does provide the benefits manufacturers and their warranties ensure.

As for the pets, many more studies will need to be completed by dog whisperers from all over the world in order for manufacturers to fully develop their innovative pet products as demands have been surpassing many manufacturers’ expectations! Ok so the dog whisperer thing wasn’t true; however, manufacturers are researching what more they can do for your beloved family pet.

All in all, we are on the right track in regards to our sleep systems currently available on the market today. Will memory foam raise Starbucks stock price due to more coffee on the highways throughout the world? Who knows? But one thing is for sure, the benefits of this material are endless and I look forward to all of its many uses in the coming future.

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