With nearly 1 million UK residents and all of 70 million US residents seeking help for sleep problems every year, our public roads, schools and workplaces are full of people feeling irritable, groggy or depressed because they simply aren’t getting the rest they need. If someone you care for has chronic sleep complaints, the gift of a memory foam mattress can bring about the deep, delta sleep all of us crave to be feeling our best.

Delta sleep is easier with this gift from deep space – the visco-elastic memory foam that was invented by NASA in the 1970′s to cushion astronauts by absorbing the shocks of space travel. Memory foam has now become a top choice for the very best, most comfortable mattresses. In deep, stage 4 delta sleep, our brainwaves are slow and restful and the human growth hormone HGH is released to repair worn and tired body tissues. Humans cannot reach this stage of restorative sleep if they aren’t resting easy or if they are suffering from certain health problems, and millions have switched to memory mattresses for relief from the stresses that have kept them awake too long.

Does your mom’s fibromyalgia give her agonizing restless leg syndrome at night? Does your dad’s snoring wake up the neighbourhood? Has hubby started a new exercise regimen that’s resulted in the worst sore muscles known to man? Is your wife having hot flashes or night sweats? Have an auntie with morning migraines or an uncle who was recently in a car accident and is now walking around with whiplash that makes every step a pain in the neck? The form-fitting, skeletal support offered by the visco-elastic foam of a memory mattress takes the pressure off joints and cradles the quirky kinks of each individual’s body. The unique texture of the foam also handles body heat in a way that keeps sleepers snoozing at a comfortable, even temperature. Couples are thrilled by the fact that if he likes a soft mattress but she likes something firmer, memory mattresses accommodate both parties with a fit like a glove, night after blissful night. Memory foam mattresses are also being used to combat dust mites and bed sores.

With so many soothing and healing attributes, it’s little wonder that memory mattresses have become the sleeping space of choice for 60% of Europeans. Some liken the difference between a traditional and memory mattress to your choice of sleeping on barbed wire or sinking onto a bed of soft, yielding sand on a sunny beach.

Modern medicine is linking lack of deep sleep to obesity, short-term memory problems, poor performance at work or school, delayed response times and automobile accidents. Certainly, you’d like your loved ones’ lives to be free of these serious concerns. If you’re looking for a truly caring gift, why not help someone special get up on the right side of the bed tomorrow with a memory foam mattress?

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