Is it possible to obtain the experience of sleeping on memory foam without having to pay thousands of dollars?  Big manufacturers jack up the prices to make up for fancy advertising, websites, and big name recognition among potential customers.  They even tried selling the idea of memory foam being “new” and “innovative” when they first hit the market in the early 90’s.  Ok, back then, I can see a need to charge a little more, it’s a “new” product and demand was high.


The memory foam technology is not “new” like some manufacturers claim.  Actually, it was first discovered by a German chemist around WWII.  Dismissed as a failed type of polyurethane, other’s within the scientific community saw an opportunity to market this new “memory” foam.  Used primarily in the space program for over 20 years, like most other technologies, memory foam was essentially “declassified” to the public in the 80’s with no real strong commercial endorsement.  A few select companies saw an opportunity to develop their own version of memory foam and sell it as a sleep system. 


So why are they still so expensive?  The name, the advertising, the fancy websites and commercials definitely contribute to the inflated price tag.  So can you find a memory foam mattress that is less expensive without compromising quality of construction or quality of sleep?  YES!  In fact, it is a DIY memory foam mattress whose foam is manufactured by one of the biggest foam pourers in the US.  That takes care of the quality issue.  With this mattress, you can actually choose the density of memory foam you want to sleep on (3lb or 4lb) depending on your sleeping needs.  Available in 8 and 10” depths, this mattress is comprised of 3 different layers.  The top layer is the memory foam of your choosing, the second an HD support layer, and finally a base foam.  A 100% cotton cover ties the mattress together.


Arriving at your door in 3 boxes, the bed looks a little deceiving.  However, once the components are laid out, allowed to come to full shape, then put together, the experience speaks for itself.  Not only can you experience the great restful sleep of memory foam, you can do it at a fraction of the cost of the big name manufacturers.  Warranty?  Of course.  5 years with a 30 day (technically 60) trial period to see if you even like the feel of memory foam.

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