If you think that a new mattress is not for you or your mattress does not need to be replaced or you’re looking for a cheaper alternative that offers the same comfort, health benefits and quality of sleep, try considering a foam bed topper. These toppers are specially designed to cover and placed over on your old mattress. The good thing about foam bed topper is that you don’t have to buy a whole new bed to experience the comfort of a memory foam, you can just plop these foam bed topper on your bed then you can enjoy the night away.

Memory foams were specially designed for the astronauts during their study to provide safety and comfort while they experience the G force on the shuttle as they travel through space. Because of further studies and tests, researchers found out that in the hospital setting, foam bed topper or memory foam mattress can provide benefit to those patients who experience chronic body pains or to patients who require staying on bed for long periods of time. Significant side effects to this condition like bed sores or ulcers and long term body pains resulted from immobility has been prevented in these patients.

Why do consumers prefer to buy a foam bed topper than memory foam mattresses or beds? Here is a list of some reasons why:

  1. In terms of price, the foam bed topper is way cheaper in contrast to a queen size memory foam mattress or a bed. Since the foam bed topper is designed to be only a few inches thick, you don’t have to purchase the entire amount of memory foam making the foam bed topper cheaper. This also applies to those who refuse to discard their old mattress.
  2. Both the foam bed topper and the memory foam mattress almost have the same benefits such as the comfort, quality of sleep, the reaction of the foam to your body heat, its moulding against your body curves thus eliminating the pressure points that may be causing back pains. You can lessen the bed sores or even prevent them from occurring.
  3. The foam bed topper easy to transfer from one bed to another. If you want to be mobile, you can easily bring them along with you to another place. It can also be brought during family camping in the forest. Its design to be only a few inches thick makes it very light and can easily be rolled up and stored without consuming that much space compared to a full mattress or bed.
  4. You can convert your old bed into a memory foam mattress just by placing the foam bed topper on top of your bed without replacing your favourite old bed.
  5. This is the best item for the elderly who spend so much time in the hospitals and wants to convert their bed into hotel mattresses ideal for sleeping and resting. And since they are more susceptible to bed sores, the foam bed topper is a best primary prevention to them.

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