I haven’t experienced waking up at the wrong side of the bed with the memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses are not really for the enhancement memory but these are also helpful to attain good nights of sleep without having to wake up with a bad or sore arms or stiff neck.  Luckily, I was able to buy affordable memory foam mattresses from home improvements shops during a sale because this piece of work can be pricey. I read somewhere that memory foam mattresses are originally made for the NASA astronauts to help them with their gravitational challenges in the spacecrafts. It was eventually commercialized.

What I liked when I bought my memory foam mattress is the soft texture, its firmness, and cooling capacity.  These are what I need to keep my comfort while sleeping. Later on I found out that memory foam mattresses are also called as visco-elastic polyutherane foam. One thing that makes this bed unique is that it has memory cells, in replacement of the spring from the conventional mattress. As what I have read, when a person lies on the memory foam mattress, the memory cells are spread and in return they help decrease the pressure from the person unto the bed. It forms to the body’s shape and size and reduce the pressure on the areas like the back, the head, the feet and others.

I also found out that these memory foam mattresses are temperature sensitive. Yes, affordable memory foam mattresses are temperature sensitive unlike the normal mattress. When the temperature is low, the bed if firmer and when it’s hot, the more elastic the bed is.

Lastly, I personally love having memory foam mattress because it gives me a good night sleep. It reduces my tossing and turning to about 80% and ideal for relieving sores and pain from head to foot. As I researched, it alleviates pain from head to foot. Especially in my head, this affordable memory foam mattress helps me in reducing headaches, stiff necks and even jay aches. I have been experiencing tension pain on the neck as well as should problems and these have been reduced since I bought the mattress.

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