How to Buy a Memory Foam Mattress

Although NASA created memory foam for its space program, it became known in all households when it began getting use as mattress topper pads. From topper pads in the 1970’s to memory foam mattresses in the 1990’s, memory foam has come a long way from orbiting around space. It now holds a high place in bedrooms across the world.

Overall, memory foam mattresses are good for people with aches and pains: back pain, arthritis, bone pain, and joint pain. It is sold in almost all the same sizes as spring coil mattresses: single, double, queen, king, California Queen, California King, and super king. For people with a sleeping partner who like different density foam, there are mattresses that are half soft and half hard. The standard density stands at about 5 inches.

Buying a memory foam mattress is an expensive and personal purchase. When buying this mattress take into consideration a number of things. Think about the temperature. Memory foam mattresses are sensitive to temperature. It will take in your body heat and soften the foam in hot temperatures. In cold temperatures the foam will give heat and firm up. This is a feature that is only seen in memory foam.

The support given by a memory foam mattress is directly attributable to the thickness of the mattress. If the foam is too thin or too thick the sleeper will not get the correct amount of support needed for a good night’s rest. The proper thickness of the mattress is the total weight of the mattress measured in a cubic foot of foam. The actual calculation is found when you cut out a 13X 13 X 13 block of foam and weigh it. The best range of thickness is from 5.3 to 5.9 pounds. That will give you the ideal amount of support for your body.

Not only does it matter what is in the middle of the mattress, but what is on top too. A good memory foam mattress will have at least 3.5 inches of foam on the top layer. The thickness of the top layer will directly affect your overall comfort.

These are just some basic points to remember when shopping for a memory foam mattress.

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