We all know that memory foam mattress pad has several benefits like curing sleeping disorders and providing relief from muscle pain, and others. Nonetheless, cleaning the memory foam mattress pad can be quite daunting. They are made of dense polyurethane foam which changes its shapes when in contact with the natural heat of the human body. If the memory foam mattress pad is ruined with stains, it can be really difficult to clean those spot free.

If you have stained memory foam mattress pad and wondering how to clean them, read the useful tips:

Size and Area

If the memory foam mattress pad is of smaller size, then you can clean it in a bathtub. But if you have the full size mattress, clear a large space near the spigot. Now, place a plastic sheet below and put the mattress on top of it. Make sure the plastic sheet is quite large so that the memory foam mattress pad does not move outside when cleaning and gather additional dust or debris.

Cleaning Agents

Now, each memory foam mattress pad you buy comes with cleaning instruction manual. Make a mental note to read that thoroughly. For general cleaning, fabric liquid cleaner or vinegar works but if there are tough stains to fight, you should use only hydrogen peroxide.


Before cleaning with water and liquid detergent, hand vacuum the memory foam mattress pad. Doing this will remove the excess dust and debris from the mattress, and it will be better for cleaning later.

Spraying the Liquid

After vacuuming, prepare a spray bottle that should be filled with 1/3rd of fabric cleaner and remaining 2/3 rd with water (for general cleaning, no stains). Shake the spray bottle to prepare the mixture and then spray equally all over the mattress foam mattress pad. Leave for 30 minutes and wash off with water hose pipe. Do not wring the foam or else it may be destroyed. What you can do is walk on the memory foam mattress pad bare foot and squeeze the excess water.

Next step will be to disinfectant the memory foam mattress pad. Fill spray bottle with 1/5th of vinegar and remaining with water. Spray this mixture on both side of the mattress equally. After some time, wash the mattress properly to draw out all the vinegar remnants.

Now, if there are stains, then people suggest using baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide can discolor the memory foam mattress pad; therefore, consult an expert before using that. However, you can use baking soda. Just blot the area with little water and apply baking soda. Spread evenly until the baking soda disappears.


Unless you completely dry the memory foam mattress pad which might take some days, you have to arrange sleeping on another mattress! Drying takes time because you do not rinse the memory foam mattress pad and therefore, it takes time for the water to flow out completely. You can dry directly under sun or use electric fan indoors.

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