Any cover that you choose for your memory foam mattress should be both beautiful and comfortable. But be careful because there are so many different designs, styles, and types of fabric that it can become almost difficult to find one that’s right for you.

Look At The Thread Count

The thread count on foam mattress covers and sheets are what really “counts” when it comes to the comfort and the softness of the material. If the sheets and the set that you’re looking at have a high thread count this means that the material will be much softer to the touch than other covers or sheets with a low thread count would be.

So what exactly is a thread count? The thread count is measured by how much thread is used in every inch of fabric. So the higher the thread count is the more fabric that is used and the higher quality the fabric will be. There is something you need to look out for however and that is something called ply. Ply can be used to artificially inflate the thread count of the fabric.

So what is ply? Ply is when thread used in the fabric is twisted and then inserted into the covers and sheets. So if you’re looking at covers or sheets that have a high thread count but also have a ply of three or four then that means that the actual thread count is lower. So what you want to be aware of is to find covers for your memory foam that have a high thread count but a low ply count (as low as possible).

Look At The Design

The design of the cover for your memory foam should match exactly, or as close as possible, to the design of the rest of your bedding. If you don’t choose covers that match your comforter and pillow case, for instance, that is just not going to look right. It will completely throw off the design flow of the décor in the room. The core of your bedroom is the bed. It’s the eye of the storm, the centerpiece that people will be focusing on when they look in your bedroom. So if you want to have a beautiful design flow in your home and you want to continue into your bedroom you’re going to want to have covers, sheets, and pillow cases that have a matching style. So simply look at what currently resides in the room. Look at the curtains, the floor, lamps, furnishings, and wall decorations to find inspiration for the design for your mattress cover.

Look At The Materials

Pay close attention to what the cover for your memory foam has been manufactured with. Some bedding fabrics can be made with harmful chemicals like borax (borax is roach killer some main ingredient) which can be very detrimental to your health. What you should do is look for covers that are made with natural and/or organic materials. Do a search online when shopping and you can find many sites that offer completely organic and natural bedding supplies that come in many different styles and colors so that you can find one to fit your personal décor.

Be careful and do your due diligence when looking for the right cover for your memory foam mattress and you’ll find the perfect one for you.

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