When you’re looking for a memory foam mattress you might feel a little overwhelmed with all the choices that you have in front of you. Because of the increasing popularity of memory foam in a mattress form, many manufacturers have begun producing these unique products. The problem you run into, just like any other product, is that some of the products are going to be very high quality, some are going to be of medium quality, and some of them are going to be of poor and very low quality. So how are you supposed to know which manufacturer is producing a high quality foam mattress? There are a few ways to find out.

What you need from a memory foam mattress is that it should conform to the specific contours of the shape of your body and eliminate pressure points placed against the heavier parts of your frame. You shouldn’t simply go by your height or weight though, because the taller you are the more weight will be dispersed over the entire face of the mattress.

Memory foam mattresses do not require box springs to be placed underneath it to allow it to be effective. If you want the mattress to be higher off of the floor you can purchase a platform base which will raise the height of the mattress. It doesn’t matter what base you have under the mattress because the mattress should feel affectively supportive and comfortable no matter what resides underneath that. However the base you decide to put underneath the mattress does need to provide some level of support. You can test the level of the support on any foundation whether it be box spring or another type of regular box foundation is to stand on certain areas and see if there is any compression underneath you. If you find that the foundation is unsupportive instead of going out and purchasing a new one, you can add sheets of plywood to give it the support that is required.

One of the best and most telling ways about the quality of a mattress is the warranty that is provided with it. If the mattress is low quality or poorly made the warranty will be very weak and sometimes nonexistent. If the mattress is high quality the warranty should cover basic day to day wear and tear and should last, at minimum, 10 years. You can find some warranties that last as long as 20 to 25 years.

Not all foam is manufactured equally. Some companies will construct the foam mattress in United States but will purchase the memory foam itself from an overseas company. This is a practice some companies use to save money. The problem that you run into with this process is that some foam made overseas is of very low quality. There’s really no way to be sure of the compositions quality of a mattress that was made outside of the United States, Canada, or Sweden (Tempur-Pedic). Overseas manufacturers tend to make foam that flattens out when there is pressure added to it. It may feel comfortable when you first touch it but it is not the same quality. So pay close attention to where the memory foam on the mattress you are purchasing has come from. Unless it was made in United States, Canada, or from Temper-Pedic it will not last as long, the safe to sleep on, and offer the same level of support.

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