This might sound like an uncommon title for an article but read it again! In this article we will look into the negative features of visco elastic memory foam mattresses. Why? It is common knowledge that when we are aware of the negative features of a product, we are able to judge it better in terms of its use or in terms of maintaining safety.
Before venturing into the negatives of the memory foam mattresses, let’s see the positives in brief:
- The mattresses support the spinal cord by helping the person sleep in perfect angle or alignment.
- They cover the person’s body well and adjusts to the shape, thus they are very comfortable.
- The product is made from high quality resilience foam.
- The mattresses provide relief from pressure points and it can also reduce pressure from 30mmHg to 15mmHg.
- The mattresses are made of open cell structure, therefore provides optimum comfort level to the person as the material does not push back.
Now, let’s see what are the negative health aspects of visco elastic memory foam mattresses?
For a start, it is good that the mattresses do not allow mites or bug infestation but what they can do is collect dust mites. You cannot see the dust mites with naked eyes and therefore cleaning them regularly is not possible. Several people can be allergic to dust mites and the only solution here is to cover the bed with casings that are dust mites resistant.
Secondly, the memory foam mattresses are combustible. If the material burns, it can lead to serious health problems. Always make sure the mattresses do not come in contact with fire. Due to this the United States government had delivered laws regarding explosion resistant beddings, of which organic mattresses are a prime example. However, let’s not deviate and resume concentration to memory foam mattresses.
Now, why is the mattress combustible? The manufacturers of memory foam mattresses use petroleum based chemicals and we know petroleum is a combustible fuel. When the material burns, it will create fumes that will last for days and this may initiate various respiratory problems. The situation gets worse if there are asthma patients in the house.
Moreover chemicals like formaldehyde and cotton pesticides are known to be used in the manufacturing of memory foam mattresses. These chemicals are known to cause cancer and nervous system disorders, physical disorders, excessive sweating, nausea, headaches, joint pains and weak immune system. These repercussions might take place when the mattresses are burnt. Therefore, if any such situation arises, vacate the house immediately. The place will become habitable again when the house is rid of harmful or rather poisonous gases and fumes.
Let not these factors dissuade you from buying memory foam products because mattresses getting burnt are no regular occurrences. The purpose of the article is to educate you and make you aware in realizing what steps to take if such as situation ever takes place.

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