Scientists have recently made a connection between sleeping patterns, more specifically, the type of bed and mattresses you sleep on, and weight loss. According to some, you can forget the diet if you have a specific mattress and the secret to non-diet weight loss is…a Memory Foam Mattress!

According to these scientists, poor sleeping patterns, usually to do with an uncomfortable mattress, can mean that you put on weight. We all know that we lose calories while we are sleeping, and therefore interrupted sleep caused by a bad mattress, can hinder you in your weight loss quest.

One of the main reasons why those diets that you have been trying, or those exercise plans you have forced yourself to do don’t work, could be the poor quality of sleep that you are getting. Being exhausted during the day could be a sign that you are not getting the right quality of sleep and therefore it may be time for you to check out a Memory Foam Mattress. Being tired when you wake up is another sign, as is being run down and having a poor immune system. A Memory Foam Mattress, and especially with a very good quality one, can help you to get a good nights sleep that has not been interrupted by periods of tossing and turning or waking up, aching due to the poor quality of your existing mattress.

Exercise doesn’t happen when we are tired and it doesn’t matter how many times we promise ourselves that we will go the gym after work, or start that exercise plan tomorrow, if we are tired due to poor sleep, it is never going to happen. Therefore, in buying a memory foam mattress, not only will you be able to get a good nights sleep, therefore burning more calories while you are sleeping, but you will also find yourself in a better mood and more energized, meaning those trips to the gym will happen!

Another benefiting factor to buying a memory foam mattress is that stress will be reduced. More sleep will mean more energy, which in turn will mean more exercise, which will therefore reduce stress levels. Combine this with cutting out stimulants such as caffeine, and you have a recipe for success.

Statistics have shown that those that only get as little as four hours sleep per night are at a higher percentage of becoming obese. 73% to be precise, which is an astonishing number! TA memory foam mattress will help you to get a good night sleep; sometimes by that change alone, or sometimes requiring other factors such as cutting down on the amount of tea and coffee that you drink. Exercise helps as well, when you have done a substantial amount of exercise during the day, you will sleep much better at night. But if we are tired, we do not exercise, which therefore causing a vicious circle.

One specific Columbian University has made a connection between lack of sleep and the hormones in the body that influence your appetite. For example, those that received less than four hours of sleep per night were at a 73% risk of becoming obese, whereas that number was reduced to 50% with five hours of sleep, and again, reduced to 23% with six hours of sleep per night. A memory foam mattress has been proved to be a comfortable nights sleep, and therefore investing in one could not only affect the quality of your sleep, but also the quality of your diet, the amount of exercise you partake in, and also your overall mood.

There are companies that can supply you with a memory foam mattress for a competitive price, with a guarantee that you will have better sleep when you buy one. If it can make so many changes to your sleep, mood and weight, then shouldn’t we all be sleeping in one and enjoying a better quality of life?

This Article is written by Sleepsure, a leading UK supplier of Memory Foam Mattresses
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