“Yawn…Ouch!” These may be your first words every morning when you wake up on a conventional mattress, which is either too hard for your body or too soft. If your mattress is troubling you and causing you severe back aches every time you wake up, consider replacing it with a memory foam mattress and say goodbye to the pain forever!

Let us take you back in history of memory foam mattress which was initially designed by NASA for releasing body pressure of astronauts in space. Later, the therapeutic capabilities of this mattress were recognized by the medical communities to release the body ache of patients who were restricted to hospital beds for longer periods and due to paralysis, and this way memory foam mattress was used in hospitals for quite a long time before stepping into a layman’s life.

Memory foam mattresses were quite expensive in the beginning due to a handful of manufacturers in the market, but today several companies are manufacturing memory foam double mattress, bringing the prices down to a level an average consumer can easily afford.

Traditional mattresses fail to distribute the human body weight evenly over the surface as its build upon a number of springs, all exerting same amount of pressure on the body. Body being softer in nature as compared to the firm mattress, is incapable of pushing back with the same force. This insufficient pressure point relief consequence in poor blood circulation and back aches you confront every morning.

How memory foam mattress toppers and mattresses works to release your back ache is worth considering. This visco elastic foam is a revolutionary sleeping technology that distributes body weight evenly and relieves pressure points that helps you sleep better at night with no back aches in the mornings, reducing pressure points up to 80% and giving you a sound sleep overall. Memory foam also has the capability to react with human body temperature and adjust accordingly.

The one thing that makes memory foam an ultimate solution of back pains is its density and thickness as compared to the regular mattresses. It’s this density that creates the “healing” effect, making it more supportive yet comfy. For many, memory foam mattresses provide the middle ground between the supportiveness of a firm mattress and the comfort of a soft one.

Viscoelastic memory foam mattresses haven’t been dwelling in the market since long, but its users are quite satisfied with their performance for curing back pain. Waking up every morning feeling fresh and re-energized will certainly never make you regret buying a memory foam mattress.

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