The aloe Vera memory foam mattress is a totals 16 inches in height.  It features 1 inch of dacron fiber, 1.5 inches of soft airflow foam, 1.5 inches of regular airflow foam, 3 inches of TruCell memory foam, and 9 inches of M-Grade support foam.

The mattress has a luxurious an extra plush feel and compares most to TemperPedic celebrity mattress.  The mattress features a removable topper that you can renew or change the firmness level of plus it has an extra deep support core that’s 9 inches and depth and provides maximum support for your body.

This mattress also features aloe Vera infused material that promotes much healthier skin.

This mattress is a sleep system the state of the art exceptionally comfortable and provides unparalleled support.  It is very soft to the touch and looks and feels exactly like the most expensive pillow-top memory foam mattresses in the world.

The aloe Vera memory foam mattress is an extremely true innovation visit from the top is in a position so you can completely remove the memory foam in the pillow top and zip the top that does not have the memory foam and it directly to the base which creates a much firmer mattress.  Also the aloe Vera is customizable so you can change the level of comfort of the mattress whenever you feel like it which makes this mattress one of the most adaptable and customizable mattresses that you can purchase on the market today.

You can find the aloe Vera memory foam mattress online at manufacturer and retail websites then you can also find it at your local mattress store.

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