Memory Foam was originally used by NASA because of its fantastic pressure distribution across surfaces which helped when they were facing extreme G-forces. Memory foam is a visco-elastic foam. This was 40 years ago it has taken until now to reach the mass market because it has been difficult to find a way to produce it for beds. After NASA used the technology it then went into medical applications, where it could help patients in pain and those suffering from pressure sores.

The cost to produce the memory foam has dropped significantly and it is now possible to produce and sell to consumers. Starting out in the United States the technology eventually made it to the UK, like everything else we wait longer than the rest of the world.

The technology isn’t used in just mattresses; you will find memory foam in pillows, mattress toppers, cushions and shoes.

If you are interested in a memory foam product there are certain things to consider, you will find that it comes in different grades and densities the daddy product is the premium grade offering the best support for your body.

The technology is great for those with aches and pains or who just want a better night’s sleep. The memory foam works by moulding to your body shape when the bed is at room temperature. Giving you an individual, specific bed made just for you. Everyone will be familiar with the more traditional spring beds which are simply flat and won’t mould to your body, you just have to find the best position for you.

Once the <a onClick=”javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’);” href=””>memory foam</a> has moulded your body it will distribute your weight across the mattress evenly giving you fantastic support by avoiding painful pressure in one area.

These beds are certainly more comfortable so suited to anyone. They are often recommended to those with back pain as the memory foam will support your back and spine, relaxing the area by taking away the pressure.

The one thing to warm you about is the foam will emit an unpleasant smell.

While you are paying another hundred to two hundred pounds for this mattress the benefits certainly outweigh the small extra cost. Your body will love you for it!

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