How long a mattress should be used before replacement? This question is totally dependent on the quality of the mattress. Better is the quality of the mattress, the better will it survive for a long time. There are several mattresses available, in the market, which are famous due to their reliability. On the top of the list among them is the memory foam mattress.

Normally, a conventional foam mattress remains durable for only 2 or 3 years. If the quality is good, we can double the estimated duration. So, if you consider the memory foam mattress for the usage, it will also be considered a good choice because the quality matters. There will definitely be a raise in the price as compared to other foam mattresses due to the make of the memory foam.

Memory foam was actually developed by NASA for the ease of astronauts as the memory foam was to be used in the cushions and seats of space crafts. It was designed to avoid jerks while landing and takeoff of the spaceships, and, was effective to prevent a special harmful effect in the space journey called ‘g-force’. Later on, this foam manufacturing technique was adapted by a mattress manufacturing company ‘Tempurpedic’.

Now days, the Tampurpedic it rightly said to be the quality manufacturer of the memory foam mattress. Other companies also have adapted the same technique from the Tempurpedic but they couldn’t match the quality level of this pioneer company.

The mattresses manufactured by the Tempurpedic are much reliable than the mattresses from the other companies. Although, other companies might get near to the comfort level of the mattress manufactured by the Tempurpedic, but they couldn’t ensure the reliability as that given by Tempur.

Many stores and shopping malls present the original brand of Tempurpedic’ mattresses, so if you want to buy it, you can have it. Other option is to buy the mattress online.

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