What is the most comfortable mattress on the globe? If you ask anyone this question, there will be a definite answer without any hesitation and that will be ‘memory foam mattres’. This is just because of the unreachable quality and unmatched comfort level of the memory foam. So, it is right that this is the foam mattress that will never let you even think about other foam mattresses.

Memory foam was actually developed in 1966 by NASA’s Ames research center. The reason was uncomfortable jerks that disturbed a lot the astronauts while they were supposed to land or take-off. Memory foam is still being used in the cushions and seats of the spaceships.

In 1980s, the memory foam manufacturing technique was adapted by the mattress manufacturing company ‘Tempur-Pedic’. It is very right to be said that Tempur is the first company to launch the foam mattress made of memory foam. After when the Tempur started the manufacturing of the mattresses, many other companies tried to adapt this technique but no one could reach the quality level maintained by the Tempur. The mattress manufacturing firm which was succeeded to produce the quality was Visco Elastic.

Memory foam consists of a very special ingredient called polyurethane. With a precise composition of polyurethane with other chemicals, the quite denser memory foam mattres can be made softer or firm according to the manufacturing needs. So, the memory foam mattres is available in the market with different softness level to meet the exact need of everyone.

Memory foam is commonly recommended by the physicians and orthopedic specialists all around. It is considered to be a great source of comfort to the people having backache issue or muscular disorder. The making of memory foam is done in such a precise way that it comforts every joint of the body by absorbing its pressure.

Memory foam mattres is considered as an expensive item but you can buy it in cheaper rates too. There are several markets which offer the mattress at very reasonable prices.And, if you want to buy the memory foam mattres online, just visit our online store. You will definitely find the good quality in cheaper rates.

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