When I think of a bed, I think of luxury and a place where I can escape the hectic day to day activities and of course get that long awaited sleep, but sometimes I can not always think of warmth.

Though I know with many extra layers of covers on my bed I can gradually start to feel warm and head off to sleep, but when my head hits that pillow there is always something missing, warmth.

I do not need to have that missing anymore, as the memory foam pad has all the warmth I need.

If you have been reluctantly considering getting a new mattress, as it is starting to wear a little thin but has provided you with endless good nights and you feel that there could be a few more left in store, then you may not have to come to that decision just yet.

Memory foam mattress pads have been on the market for years and yet many people are not quite sure what they can do for your current mattress, they can actually do more than what you probably think.

The memory foam pad is heat sensitive and so when your body is happily spread out on the memory foam pad it has the amazing ability to react to your body heat and retain enough of that heat to leave you feeling warm.

If your current mattress is just in need of a tweak, then the memory foam pad can tweak your mattress and provide a bit more support.

If your mattress still has many years ahead of it, but you need a little bit more and in particular a little bit more warmth then the memory foam pad has all the answers. Memory foam pads have thickness, softness, quality, warmth and most of all are not going to affect your budget, when they come at such a great price.

Memory foam mattress pads are designed to be placed on top of what already may be still a reasonable mattress and they come in various foam densities and size, either on your king size mattress or queen size mattress, to choose the best one for your mattress.

Depending on how your mattress needs a tweak will depend on the density you may need to look for. If you just need to add a little extra comfort to your mattress you may be able to purchase a lower foam density, such as a 2 ” thick memory foam mattress pad.

However if your mattress is wearing thin a little too much then there are memory foam pads available with a 4 ” thickness.

The prices will vary according to the density but memory foam mattress pads are great to tweak your mattress, because they are a cheaper alternative to buying a new mattress and can still give you a good night’s sleep. Memory foam pads can be purchased from many retailers and because if you look in the right places and find a good quality memory foam pad you will find one that will last you a lifetime, gone are my days of wishing for warmth the memory foam pad has cured that.

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