Sleep is very important to our body. Next to the air we breathe, sleep is the next thing we cannot do without for a long time. Sleep does many important things to our body, we regain strength after sleeping, and our bodies repair itself during sleep. Lack of sleep weakens our mental ability, we become more stressed, and it hinders our ability to recover from injury. The Memory Foam Mattress Pads advertisement claims that what revitalizes us after sleeping is what we call REM sleep. It is part of the sleep cycle that is reached after 90 min in your sleep. We cannot reach this stage in sleep if we keep on tossing and turning during the night, even if you do not wake up. To get a comfortable position during sleep, our body will tend to toss and turn.

Memory Foam Mattress Pads support our bodies by following the contours of our body, like a mold. It fully relaxes our muscles and we stop tossing and turning, we then reach REM sleep and we wake up feeling invigorated.

Many of us experience aches and pains after waking up. This is due primarily to lack of proper support our mattress gives us. It forces the spine to take a position it is not meant to take. It is the other way around with the use of Memory Foam Mattress Pads. Instead of our spine following the mattress, the mattress follows the spines normal position during sleep. Thus, our spine will get the needed position it requires. Aches and pains are eliminated.

Memory Foam Mattress Pads are made of visco elastic material. It is generally firmer than traditional mattresses. This material behaves differently from the traditional mattress materials. The cells of this material can fully compress. It is possible because the cells have holes in it, which spreads the air pressure to the cells surrounding it. This explains why if you remove pressure on it, the material will not rise immediately but will retain its shape much like a mold to your body. Then it will rise very gradually. The ability to conform to our bodys natural curves enables the mattress to support our body in its natural position. Another unique quality it has is that the material is temperature sensitive, firm at lower temperatures and more elastic at higher temperatures. Hence, the melting feeling when you lie down on it.

There are many kinds of Memory Foam Mattress Pads available in the market today. Make sure you get to buy quality foam mattresses. There are certain mattresses that do not have equal densities throughout the whole foam. You will feel that for the same density, let us say 4lb, there are those supple and soft while other 4 lb foam pads are firm and it is not the same throughout the whole pad. Some companies encourage consumers to weigh their foam pads. If it comes out weighing less, then it is possible that it is shorter than the required length or it is low quality foam.

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