Initially used in 1980s in the hospitals to provide comfort to the bedridden patients, memory foam mattresses were introduced in the market for the commons only by the 1990s at exorbitant prices. But as the popularity of the memory foam mattress grew, many private companies came up in the market, to sell their very own versions of the mattress. So, with the increasing popularity, memory foam mattresses have become far more affordable and accessible.

The best part about these memory foam mattresses is that they do not poke you in places providing unequal support like the traditional spring mattresses. On the contrary, their foam supports your entire body with the foam providing a relieving cushioning effect irrespective of your size and the position you are in, giving you a sound and relaxed sleep. Sleeping peacefully and comfortably is essential for your health, it is crucial that you buy the right memory foam mattress for yourself.

• Think first whether you really need a new mattress

A good and relaxing sleep is very crucial for your health, it is necessary that your mattress makes you sleep comfortably every night. If you get up each morning beaming with satiety and all refreshed then there is no need to buy another one; but if you feel really tired and cranky due to shuffling and tossing on the bed all night, then you certainly need a good mattress to provide you comfort and quality sleep.

• Finding the most suitable memory foam mattress for yourself

When you set out to buy a memory foam mattress for yourself, it is important to consider the size you will you purchase. Most popular sizes in the market are the 8″ and 6″ mattresses that are quite deep to provide your body with enough cushioning and are firm enough for supporting your body to impart comfort.

• The rates and prices of the mattresses

As there is a plethora of options available in the market regarding memory foam mattresses, it is better that you first acquire all the knowledge about the various mattresses available in the marker along with their offered rates. Different brands of the mattresses will avail you with different benefits. Some brands of memory foam mattresses will come with great comfort and softness while some will provide with extra support. To add, there are memory foam mattresses that are especially designed to support and cushion your aching bones and joints. So, after much thought and analysis, go for the one that best suits your needs and budget.

• How to come over new memory foam’s smell

When you bring home a brand new memory foam mattress, it is bound to have some initial smell that depends on the concerned foam manufacturer. The smell takes some days or perhaps some weeks in some cases to fade away. Though the smell does not trigger any allergies but can be slightly bothersome for people with sensitivity towards smells. This problem is not worth worrying as the smell can be combated easily through:

• Airing out of the room where the mattress is placed
• Washing the sheets after first few nights of sleeping over the mattress.
• Putting a dish full of vinegar over night stand
• Using an ozonator device

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