Memory foam mattresses have always been considered a luxury item for the bedroom and their cost has always been higher as compared to spring mattresses.  As a product engineered by NASA, the foam has had the quality and price to match.  Memory foam offers quite a few attractive benefits, such as relief from pain, back support, neck support, reduced pressure points reduce tossing and turning and warms up with your body temperature.  That alone produces two great results, the foam softens to better contour and it works as an insulator during cold winter days.  Ah, but the price.  It’s the price.  Fortunately, a memory foam mattress can also be purchased as a topper. 


There are those who will pay top price for memory foam mattresses with just the hint of a restful night and there’s no blaming them for it.  A restful night produces a healthier life and no price should put on that.  However, not all of us are capable of producing high price disposable income.  Then there are those who are unsure about whether or not a memory foam mattress would be a wise investment.  The question about quality, support and price keep them wary as they try to make a decision.  Well, for those who can’t afford to or are unsure about purchasing a mattress, this is where memory foam toppers come in.


The function is in its name.  A memory foam topper lies atop your mattress, providing a layer of comfort and rest during your night.  The toppers are a good addition to your bed while not costing in a range as much as the memory foam mattress.  These toppers usually vary in thickness, but generally stay around three inches.  They also don’t utilize all the raw materials as memory foam mattresses, but they still use enough to provide you with what you need.


If you are not yet ready for the purchase of a memory foam mattress, but you are at least ready to test run one, you can think of the topper as the introduction to memory foam mattresses.  They’ll provide you with many of the same benefits, but for at a more costly purchase.  In fact, one of the better things about a topper is the ability to test memory foam while receiving a few hidden bonuses such as if you are ready for memory foam, but your partner isn’t quite prepared to relinquish the bed, you can purchase a singe size topper and lay it on your half of the bed.  They also make great additions to guest futons or roll-aways, provide comfort for camper beds on long trips and add a touch of ease to any situation where you can transport the topper with you (such as a bad hotel bed).


Toppers are the solution to a quality bed when you can’t afford or aren’t ready to purchase a full memory foam mattress.  You’ll not want anything once you’ve tried the memory foam mattresses, so a topper will suit you to satisfy that until the day comes you’re ready for the full thing.

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