Coil springs, as found in most mattresses, are great for many things, but your bed is not one of them! Sleeping on a pile of metal springs is probably more like sleeping on a bed of rusty nails. But what was good enough for your grandparents is now old hat. Today, we have a choice.

Take a couple of minutes to learn about the antique technology that you share about one third of your life with.

The coil spring mattress was patented in 1865 and over the next 140 odd years there have been few changes, yet over the same time we have invented cars, computers and even gone to the moon, surely bed technology is due for an overhaul?

Is there something better?

Yes, there is!

I am going to introduce memory foam mattresses and some of the differences and reasons why they are better and more comfortable than sleeping on top of bits of sharp metal covered in fabric.

1) Total Body Support

This is a concept that is new to beds. A coil spring mattress forces your body to adjust to the springs. It is pushing against you all the time and as you move it even pushes you around the bed.
You are pushing the springs down to get comfortable and they push just as hard back – no wonder many people wake up with aching muscles and stiffness.

With a memory foam mattress, things are different and better.

The foam material moulds itself to your body, because your body exerts its force onto it yet your mattress does not push back, it gently accommodates you and your weight.

As you lay down, you can feel the memory foam accomodating to you, allowing you to feel totally relaxed.

Because the memory foam mattress moulds itself to you, there is no effect from any other person in the bed – no more rolling together (Unless you want to!)

No matter how many springs an ordinary bed has it can not support your weight evenly.

2) Temperature Sensitivity

Memory foam has a neat trick up its sleeve, it responds to different temperatures by softenng to a different degree accordng to the temperature of the body lying on it, the higher the tempaerature, the softer the foam becomes. So the bed always feels cozy and warm according to the temperatures of different parts of your body and how much pressure they apply to the bed. Your body weighs the most and is the warmest part of you and the mattress makes itself softest for your body, your arms and legs are lighter and cooler, so the foam is a little more firm – this is very comfortable, not so much lying on the bed as floating on it!

Coiled spring mattresses can not do this, anyone sick with fever will feel much more comfortable on a memory foam bed. No more clammy nights in the summer for healthy folks.

3) Length of Life

A normal coil spring mattress has a life of about 5 years, but many people keep them much, much longer, robbing themselves of sleep and rest every night. A memory foam mattress should last at least ten years and some manfacturers offer guarantees of up to twenty years, each of those nights will be comfortable and restful.

Hopefully this article has given you something to think about, but don’t take my word for it.Take a trip down to a good mattress store, try both types of mattress side by side. You will probably agree that the memory foam mattress is much more comfortable than the old fashioned coil spring types.

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