This article will go over these two kinds of mattress toppers and discuss the features as well as the pros and cons of both items.


Memory Foam Mattress


This kind of mattress topper, made out of memory foam also known as visco elastic urethane foam, is a very popular kind of mattress. The memory foam is the same kind of padding which is used for many years in helmets, packaging, furniture, and other kinds of items that absorb a lot of pressure or weight.  Unlike latex, memory foam is something that is man made.


Latex Mattress Toppers


The latex which makes up the latex mattress toppers is taken from rubber trees in sap form, and then the sap is whipped and constantly treated until it becomes foamy.  This is a good choice for people who are looking for something other than the spring mattresses, which can be uncomfortable.


Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress


One of the best things about a memory foam mattress is that it fits to the shape of the body of a person.  This unique ability gives the sleeper more support and gets rid of the painful pressure points.  With a memory foam mattress, the person can get up from the bed without bothering the other person, because there isn’t any motion.


Latex Foam Toppers Benefits


With latex foam toppers, the purchaser is going to get all the benefits of as a memory foam mattress, but there are a few differences and advantages.  One of them is that they are made with natural material, and therefore the latex foam toppers are much better for the environment.  It is also resistant to mites, mildew, mold and other similar problems.


They have found that they are a worthwhile investment and something that they appreciate buying and using.


If you are looking for something to help you get a more comfortable sleep or you are looking for something to help back pain that you wake up after sleeping all night, you might want to try a memory foam mattress or buy one of the latex foam toppers.  Both of them are items that people have found to be effective in helping them sleep better and having less pain when they woke up. 


You will get the same benefits of the memory foam mattress for a lesser amount of money, and in a form that is going to really help the environment.

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