Visco Elastic is the technical term for Memory foam. Memory foam had been developed and was not released into the open market but did find its way into Hospitals to treat patients suffering from bed pressure sores and other comfort related issues. The multi layered structure of memory foam mattresses ensures all parts of your body are fully supported, so your spine and joints rest in their natural positions, reducing pressure on vital points in the neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs and joints promoting relaxed and undisturbed sleep. Memory foam mattresses are hypo-allergenic and therefore discourage household dust and mites – which are the most common causes of allergies within the home.

Memory foam will also help relieve people who suffer from Back problems, aching joints, sciatic pain, arthritis, rheumatism, circulatory problems and neck pain. When you sleep on a Memory foam mattress you will feel as though you are floating on air as there is no pressure on the body, this is called -The dynamic floatation effect- Also when sleeping on a memory foam mattress because there is less pressure on the body you will not toss and turn as much resulting in a deeper sleep rejuvenating the body waking up feeling refreshed.

All memory foam mattresses are not the same. Buy now at Snug Mattress – Memory Foam Mattress

Now that memory foam as found it’s way into the domestic bed market the product is available in different grades. These grades are known as foam densities.As a rule of thumb the higher the foam density the better quality the foam is.We have found that memory foam with a density between 55 kg/m3 and 75 kg/m3 performs best. Snug also recommends memory foam mattresses with an airflow spacer layer built into the mattress helping the mattress to breath. Airflow spacer systems can be found on all of Snug’s memory foam mattresses. This system is called 3mesh.

Why 3 Mesh?

“An advanced memory foam mattress technology that will make sure you are kept cool, dry and it will ensure that your mattress has added bounce

The Muller Textil 3 MeshTM is the result of months of research and development and has been engineered to offer a solution to improve both the air circulation and the re-bound characteristics of conventional memory foam mattresses.

Improved air flow in the mattress is achieved by; incorporating the patented Muller Textil 3 MeshTM fabric into the mattress construction. This combination allows for air to flow more freely around the body resulting in a cooler sleep without compromising any pressure relieving characteristics. The ‘SpacerTM’ is an advanced patented three-dimensional fabric which, apart from allowing air to flow through it also retains moisture that is gradually dispersed through evaporation resulting in a much ‘drier’ sleeping experience.

3mesh: More comfort for everybody

Passive ventilation is guaranteed by constant air exchange and circulation through 3mesh climate layer and 3mesh climate cover.

• Extremely high air distribution in all directions

• Soft cushioning effect and spring characteristics

• Excellent recovery

Even with conventional textiles thin 3mesh spacer fabric permits a high functionality without impairing the design of the commodity. Due to the excellent surface feel, extremely high air circulation and the very low weight 3mesh is particularly suited for mattresses.

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