Memory foam is hugely popular these days compared to conventional foam owing to their special characteristics. Depending on the chemicals used and its overall density, it is firmer in cool temperatures and softer when warm. Higher density memory foam reacts to body heat which allows it to mould itself to the shape of a warm body within a few minutes. A lower density memory foam is pressure-sensitive and will mould more quickly to the shape of the body.

Memory foam was originally developed by NASA to decrease the very high pressure caused by the extreme gravitational force occurring during the take-off of the space shuttle. It was never used in the space program but was subsequently used medically.

A memory foam mattress is usually denser than an ordinary foam mattress. This makes it more supportive and heavier. It is often seen as a good compromise between the comfort of a soft mattress and the supportiveness of a firm one. Not only this, but heat-responsive memory foam also feels more gentle and gives a pretty unique, soft and luscious feeling as the foam moulds as per your body shape providing you comfort and warmth.

Though various manufactures claim that theirs is the best Memory foam mattress around, the best ones depends on the density of the foam and also the person’s height and weight.

A person who is less than six feet tall and weighs over 220 lbs should choose a foam having 5″ to 6″ of quality memory foam or memory foam/latex over the polyurethane base foam.

Someone who is under 160 lbs. would probably be happy with a top layer of memory foam that is only 3-1/2″ thick.

According to industry experts, the best of them all is the mattress that uses high quality visco-elastic material memory foam.

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