Chances are that you previously relaxed on a “Swedish” type bed, also known as memory foam mattress, during one of your shopping sprees at the neighborhood mall. One’s initial experience resting over a memory foam mattress is that it includes a specific “feel” that melts to and envelops the body as compared to classic spring mattress. For those who prefer the “feel” of a memory foam mattress here is often a brief back ground and choice guide so you, the consumer, can easily make intelligent purchasing choices. Memory foam had its beginning while in the NASA space program. Memory foam was originally intended to the Space Program as a result of its specific potential to equally distribute and absorb the G-force constraints experienced by astronauts. The technical word for Memory Foam is “visco-elastic” foam. The initial commercial use for Memory Foam was while in the health care field for sufferers who had intense sores or had to be bed-ridden for long extended time.

How is Memory Foam Mattress produced:

Memory Foam Mattress is designed from polyurethane foam and is made of 2 important sections: 1) Memory Foam (top layer) is located on the top layer adjacent on the physique so that you can perception the pressure and contours of your system. The memory foam could be the critical component that gives2.jpg memory foam mattress its exceptional “feel.” 2) Beneath the Memory Foam is usually a layer of High Density Foam. The role of the Higher Density Foam should be to offer structural support. The bottom for this memory foam mattress is lined with “non-slip” material to lessen any horizontal movement when installed. A ventilated bottom also provides excellent air circulation for the optimal temperature. The hybrid combination of a top layer Memory Foam with a bottom layer Higher Density Foam gives memory foam mattress its unique pressure sensing, system conforming characteristics and excellent overall support.

How does Memory Foam Mattress differ from a classic mattress:

A classic spring mattress is determined by finite number of springs to help your body. Alas, the constrained quantity of springs can only about adjust to your body. Frequently there might be pockets of space among your system as well as the classic mattress which can be unsupported. Memory Foam is a visco-elastic foam material and for comparison purposes could be thought of as possessing infinite quantity of tiny “springs” which supports your physique to a lot higher detail than could be offered by a spring mattress.

What are the benefits of Memory Foam Mattress?

Better fit: Memory Foam senses pressure and molds its shape flawlessly to your system. You’ll be able to think of Memory Foam Mattress being a custom mattress on your physique. The gain is that every part of your system will be evenly supported by a memory foam mattress. Memory Foam will adjust its shape towards the fine contours of you system to the minutest detail and its “memory” characteristics help decrease extraneous movements.

Reduced movement:
Memory Foam’s visco-elastic properties significantly reduce unwanted movements and “bounce” caused by your partner’s movements. If you have a partner who moves in the course of the night, memory foam will “absorb” the unwanted movement so you remain undisturbed.

What to look for when selecting a memory foam mattress:

Memory Foam Thickness: The distinctive sense and fit of a memory foam mattress is characterized by the top layer from the mattress. It is recommended that one pick a mattress using a 3” thickness memory foam. Although some thinner memory foams are available, these are plainly as well thin and frequently “bottom out” and unable to help appropriately. A 3” memory foam top layer will ensure that you get the optimal assistance to the lifetime with the product.

Memory Foam Density: The density on the memory foam is measured in pounds/cubic feet. It is recommended that one select memory foam having a 5 lb density. Although heavier, the 5 lb density will have a longer lifetime than a low density foam and also will have the optimal “firmness”. A reduce density foam mattress as a rule will sense as well “soft.”

Packaging: Proper packaging and shipping of a memory foam mattress is important. Look for one that is Vacuum packed and is “rolled” rather then folded. The rolling course of action is superior to folding as a result of its gradual bending and minimizes any sharp folds towards mattress. Vacuum packing ensures the mattress is free from debris and reduces any chemical odors given that all residual air is removed from the packaging.

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