Queen memory foam mattresses are one of the smoothest, most flexible and most health useful mattress offered in the market these days. But do you have any clue how it first happened? 40 years ago, NASA (National Aeronautics of Space Administration) was asked to build a cushioning aid for the astronauts in the outer space shuttle. They were informed specifically that what they had to make a surface that could successfully absorb the force of the gravitational power of the body all through the lift-off and re-entry into the earth’s surroundings. It took ten years and a Swedish corporation to make the memory foam mattress we know today.

Queen memory foam mattresses are called such as there is at any time  an indication left on them that will flat out after a period of time , just like a memory that will be forgotten as days pass. These foams are generally used in hospitals. Those who are seriously sick and gravely wounded benefit the most as queen memory foam mattresses have the capacity to obtain the form of the human being laying on it. Bedsores are too lessened, as there is no force whatsoever applied on the body. Over time, queen memory foam mattresses have gained a large demand. The unique open cell configuration characteristic of this foam responds to body’s warmth and heaviness. This indicates that no matter what the outline or mass of the person resting on the bed, the memory foam will fine-tune to that body and mold into it enabling hold up that removes all pressure.

Restlessness is one of the key points that queen memory foam mattresses embarks upon. For people who have a hard time resting , the need to toss and rotate at nighttime will be decreased by eighty percent .

In case you are even now not certain how magnificent this foam is, let me spell out the benefit of using this mattress from head to toe. Starting from the top, it is said that utilizing this kind of mattress will be able to stop migraines and teeth grinding. As we go lower, to the neck, we learn how the accurate alignment of the backbone can alleviate neck strain and uneasiness. By choosing this mattress, your arms and hands will no longer get pins and needles or the “dead-hand” disorder.

For the persons who have scoliosis, queen memory foam mattresses are very effective as they can decrease many more back problems. Your breathing will also get better as exact body pose eliminates breathing matters. There will be fewer body aches from the lower back to the knees due to the molding capability of the foam that keeps you perfectly. Queen memory foam mattresses present excellent hold up, especially for athletes, following knee surgery  and the like. Finally, the legs will be free from restless leg syndrome and Achilles tendon defect.

Those are just some of the real health benefits that one can receive from utilizing queen memory foam mattresses. If it is good enough for the astronauts in outer space, it is good enough for the people left in Earth.

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