The memory foam mattress should be comfortable enough for you to have a good night sleep; but the useful life of this mattress will depend on its quality. Therefore, you should not go for a cheap imitation because you are likely to spend many nights on an uncomfortable mattress. A genuine mattress will last longer thanks to the fact that it is made better in order to fit your sleep. Sleep is likely to take almost a third of your entire life; therefore, you have to appreciate the quality of the mattress you chose. The foam mattress can actually be the perfect choice thanks to its functions that may differ from the ones that are usually met in the case of a conventional mattress.

The memory foam was used in order to design the newest advancement when it comes to the existing mattresses. This technology was actually introduced back in 1950 but one can observe a continuous progress of the industry; the rubber foam was soon replaced. This foam was the true biggest rage when it came to sleep technology in 1950 because it was able to decrease the pressure points; but there were some obvious flaws that made that made the rubber foam to be taken out of the market. The main flaw of the rubber foam was its durability; the customers were forced to buy new mattress on a regular basis; the rubber foam tended to bound back as soon as pressure was placed upon its structure. Shifting from one sleep position to another became quite difficult and the customers were not pleased with that consequence.

But the memory foam is to be regarded as a true breakthrough that managed to put the existing mattresses back on the market. Initially, the memory foam mattresses were made for astronauts; but a new feature was added when it came to their usage. People approached the new practical use of the foam mattresses quite rapidly. The memory foam works in a simple manner; there are million cells that are able to change all their shapes after the pressure and heat that come from a human body. Very little resistance is to be expected in the case of a memory foam mattress; this mattress has a full cradle when it comes to providing the human body with a comfortable sleep position. This process is quite effortless for every person; when the heat and the human pressure are removed, the foam will take its initial form and this shape will be established within seconds.

Sleeping on such mattresses may decrease all the pressure points that are to be found in one’s body; this decrease in pressure can actually improve the circulation of one’s blood. Better circulation will be thus provided and the sleeper will be let to stay in the same position for hours without feeling uncomfortable about it. He will not have to move during his entire sleep and this property may appear quite appealing to the persons who are almost bed-bound. One should also pay attention to the fact that the new technology when it comes to the sleeping mattresses is not an inflated one; the foam mattresses are likely to have the same price as the original ones. The existence of the memory foam made the entire sleeping process easier; less hassle is to be expected because the initial limits are not to be found anymore. For instance, the well known inner spring mattresses have their own limits thanks to their flat surface that requires the unique shape. The surface that is constantly used will be uneven after several years.

Therefore, the present foam has been designed in order to be more than comfortable; durability has also been taken into consideration when the foam mattress was engineered. Even if this mattress is not likely to last for a life time, its structure is more resistant than the one that is to be found in the case of the rubber foam. The life span of a memory foam mattress is much longer. The engineer has realized that a more comfortable surface is to be searched for because flat surfaces were not to be considered as the ideal choices for a person to sleep. On the contrary, sleeping on a flat surface may harm one’s health; it can create neck and back pain and the existing foam is more sensitive to this aspect. The current mattresses are able to allow their foam cells to create the perfect cradle for a person to sleep in. The cells of the inner structure are actually able to give in thus creating a proper shape for the sleeper. The user of the mattress will be left with a new and comfortable position through out the entire night without having to change his status.

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