The Ames Research Center scientists Chiharu Kubokawa and Charles A. Yost were the main contributors in the development of memory foam mattress project. What started as a NASA venture to accommodate its astronauts in tackling the space gravitational pull has evolved as the mainstream household product in several countries! Initially, the memory foam mattress was named ‘temper foam’ as they were temperature sensitive.

The commercial aspect of memory foam mattress was realized in the 1980s and Yost, one of the contributors, developed the idea of utilizing the memory foam in variety of products. Yost entered into collaboration with NASA and founded the Dynamic Systems Inc. wherein Yost began memory foam mattress production on large scale and also used the material to develop sports equipments and medical equipments.

Through the 80s and 90s, the memory foam mattress was hugely beneficial for medical work. Due to its firm, strong, supportive, and heat adjustment features, the memory foam mattress was used for terminally ill patients, who were required to stay in immobile sleeping positions for longer time. In traditional mattresses, this was impossible or rather painful as they gave a feeling of discomfort to the patient but not the memory foam mattress as it has well defined pressure points.

This was the beginning of memory foam mattress popularity. Before being fully commercialized, the memory foam mattress was priced expensively; but now they are available in the affordable price range of below $500. The technology is further used now to create pillows, seat cushions, mattress toppers, and padding for ill people.

Why are the other reasons behind its popularity?

  1. When compared with others, the memory foam mattress is dense and heavy also. The mattress is made from polyurethane single celled material and thus leaves very little space for discomfort.
  1. The memory foam mattress has well defined pressure points to support the person’s total weight. In other words, the mattress distributes the weight equally so that no particular body part is under pressure.
  1. According to reviews, the memory foam mattress has been found to be beneficial for people suffering from insomnia – lack of sleep. Insomnia can trigger health problems and thus the memory foam mattress is a blessing in disguise for insomnia sufferers. They can now get the mandatory rest every night.
  1. The memory foam mattress has minimum 10 years guarantee and if you maintain well, there is less chance of wear and tear. Therefore, it is a safe investment.
  1. With memory foam mattress, you don’t have to worry about bugs and mites. The mattress is structured in such a way that no extra space is there for bugs and mites infestation. Also, the cleaning procedure for memory foam mattress is hassle free.
  1. The memory foam mattress reacts to the warmth of the human body. How? It becomes soft and envelopes the person in its soft and loving embrace.

To conclude, the memory foam mattress is the best in the industry of bed and bedding products.

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