The Health Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

What are the health benefits to sleeping on memory foam? Memory foam can help individuals by providing benefits such as pressure point relief and helping individuals suffering from sleep apnea. The secret of memory foam lies within its capability to conform to the person’s body using NASA technology released to the public only in the last decade.

First, the major component of memory foam is its ability to conform to the sleeper’s body. This is caused by the temperature sensitive material the mattress is made of which adjusts to your body in reference to body heat and weight. The memory foam material actually softens as it warms up creating a wonderful sleeping position. This sleeping position allows a person to achieve a better night’s sleep without as much pain or soreness as those areas tend to get more fevered than others, plus the memory foam material will displace the pressure through the rest of the person’s body. The sleep position this contouring also provides is an ideal position to assist with proper spinal alignment when lying down. When your back is properly aligned when sleeping, the results are less soreness and assisted prevention of any possible future back soreness.

Another great quality of memory foam is not just with the mattress itself but with memory foam pillows. Memory foam pillows have been associated with helping individuals with sleep apnea issues from the proper elevation that memory foam pillows can help provide in order to allow proper breathing when sleeping. If you or another individual currently use a device such as a CPAP device to allow proper airflow during a night’s sleep, many individuals using the device have said that memory foam pillows are a great addition as you can cut a ‘cove’ into the pillow in order to allow a place for the mask and tube to fall to the floor.

Memory foam can help provide much needed allergy relief. This is because memory foam is not made of organic fibers, but a polyurethane foam. This provides a terrible environment for dust mites to live in as there is no food for them to live on inside a memory foam mattress. Dust mites not only feed off of organic fibers such as cotton, but they also feed off of dead skin as well, which can be easily remedied through washing the sheets. But, when they are living inside of your mattress, there is a much more limited solution available as opposed to simply washing bed sheets.

Considering all things mentioned in this articles it is obvious that memory foam is the way to go in regards to your own sleep system. There are, however, many more benefits to memory foam such as those for individuals suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic pain from the temperature sensitive material and those can be discovered in more detail at our website. But, all in all, memory foam mattresses and sleep systems can provide you, the sleeper, with an all around better night’s sleep for many years to come.

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