It seemed like I hadn’t had a good sleep in months, and my back was killing me. Every night felt like I slept on a boulder. I’d wake up feeling like I had a knife plunged into my spine. My whole body would be tense throughout the day, like I had spent the night sleeping on a folding chair. I longed for a soothing night of rest again, my back aching for peace and my mind longing for dreams.

I had heard about Tempurpedic beds from the late night commercials I watched when I couldn’t sleep. The catch to the promised comfort was an outrageously high price. Sure, I wanted to sleep like a king, but I don’t have a vault filled with gold, which is what the a Tempurpedic bed would have cost me. Though they are guaranteed for 20 years, that’s really not a long time considering how expensive the bed costs. I’d probably still be paying down the credit card bill 20 years from now and be left with nothing to sleep on.

Luckily, I griped about my sleeping problems to some buddies over a game of golf. I could barely swing because of my aching muscles and back, and my friends asked me what was wrong. I explained that I need an adjustable bed to help me with my bad back, but I just couldn’t afford the high prices of the Tempurpedic beds.

They told me about the memory foam mattress available from Bragada. Unlike the competition, the Bragada bed came with a lifetime guarantee, so I could be sleeping in perfect dreams for the rest of my life. Compared to the Tempurpedic bed, I expected the Bragada adjustable bed to cost an arm and a leg, but was surprised to find that it only cost a fraction of that price. It was easily affordable, even with my retirement pension.

I was also surprised to learn that Bragada has been in the adjustable bed business for over 45 years, which is a lot longer than Tempurpedic’s 15 years in the industry.

Now I sleep great like I have my own adjustable cloud to float across a sky of soothing dreams. I feel completely rested every night I sleep on my memory foam mattress. I can adjust the bed to the perfect position, which is great on my back. I’ve never felt better. I’d recommend it to friends, family, and fellow retirees. If you need a good sleep, try the memory foam mattress adjustable bed from Bragada. Your back will thank you for it when you experience soothing rest and a good night’s sleep.

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