Memory foam mattresses are ideal for a good night’s sleep. However, over the past few years, there are a lot of memory foam manufacturers that have emerged and it has become really tough to decide which type of memory foam mattress you should buy? Also, a consumer finds himself caught in a plethora of jargons used by these manufacturers to sale their product.

There are certain things that may help you in deciding the right type of memory foam mattress. No doubt, selecting a right kind of memory foam manufacturer such is Cushy Sofa is important. The right type of memory foam mattress will serve you for years to come.

Temperature Sensitivity

It is an important factor in deciding the right type of memory foam mattress. Not all mattresses that claim to be memory foam are sensitive to temperature. It is this feature that makes memory foam mattress so rare as well as downright comfortable.

Temperature sensitive memory foam mattress softens up when in contact with body and gets firmer in cooler environment.


Second important factor in deciding the right type of memory foam mattress is its density of memory foam used. It can be referred to as the weight of the mattress which is measured in a cubic foot of the foam. It means that if you have a cube of memory foam measuring 12” and take its weight, then the result would be the density of the memory foam.

Sufficient Top Layer

While you go shopping for a memory foam mattress, see that the mattress you have chosen has sufficient foam on the top layer.

Often, memory foam mattress with 3” memory foam as the top layer is considered as an ideal choice. If the top layer is too thin, then the user will end up sleeping on the underlying polyurethane foam and also he will not have a comfortable night’s sleep.


Also see that memory foam manufacturers provide warranty of the memory foam mattresses. However, the idea of buying this that come under warranty is applicable to anything in general not only to memory foam mattress.

You can find that good manufacturers will offer many years of warranty.

In the end, by considering all these factors, you can buy a quality and genuine memory foam mattress.

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