When Memory foam first came out in the market, it was known as Tempur-foam. The substance was created by NASA to reduce gravitational forces on astronauts during take-off and landing, however the strong smell proved impractical for the tiny closed in areas, so the idea was bought by a Swedish company and turned into what we know today as Tempur-Pedic. Memory Foam is made with a polyurethane material. In order to increase its mass, other chemicals are added which increases its viscosity level. The end result is a material that becomes viscous or pliable when warmed, allowing it to contour to the body.

A solid Memory Foam Mattress reacts with body heat and within a few minutes the product forms around the shape of the body. Many people use more than one position to sleep and will find the memory foam beds to be supportive in almost any position. Typically, firm Mattresses are recommended for people sleeping on back and stomach, as soft mattresses might harm their backs due to unnatural angles. Those sleeping on sides, softer mattresses are suggested. With memory foam, it will adjust naturally by the weight placed on the bed, distributing it evenly across the surface and eliminating pressure points in and position.

The Memory foam mattress is typically a compromise to both firm and soft mattresses, but it is still available in multiple firmnesses. The Memory Foam mattress is available in nearly every imaginable of size including, twin, twin long, double, full long, queen, split queen, king, split king, California queen, California king and super king sizes. Memory foam is usually one of the easiest mattresses to custom order if you have an especially odd sized bed. It also works great on any adjustable bed.

The Memory Foam has excellent characteristics with its ability to respond to changes in temperature and its capacity to reduce pressure by spreading the weight evenly over a larger surface area. The visco-elastic nature of Memory Foam Mattress helps to disperse accumulated pressure away from the vertebrae, and alleviate the pressure placed upon areas like hips and shoulders which often leads to discomfort and tossing and turning.

Nowadays memory foam is also used in pillows, positional sleep aids, office furniture, automobile seat padding, footwear, infant cribs, car seats, wheel chair cushions, computer carrying cases and many more. There are a lot of memory foam manufacturers that have emerged and it has become really tough to decide which type of memory foam mattress you should buy. Also, a consumer finds himself caught in a plethora of jargons used by these manufacturers to sell their product.

There are a few things that may help you in deciding the right type of memory foam mattress. No doubt, selecting the right kind of memory foam manufacturer such is important. The right type of memory foam mattress will serve you for years to come. Some of the most imperative features to check include density, type, personal comfort, and warranty.

It is an important factor in deciding the right type of memory foam mattress. Not all mattresses that claim to be memory foam are sensitive to temperature. It is this feature that makes memory foam mattress so attractive and comfortable. A temperature sensitive memory foam mattress softens up when in contact with body and gets firmer in cooler environment. This offers the gradual sinking and contouring you should experience when laying on a memory foam mattress.

Density, the weight of the foam per square foot, is perhaps the best measure of durability and quality. Remember, this is only a measure of the top layer of actual memory foam. Higher density foam will provide better support, be more durable, and decompress less over time. Typically, the “quality” number for memory foam is recognized as 5 lbs.

Another quality of mattresses is the ability to regain its memory. The memory foam should slowly return to the original height within 30 seconds of you getting up. Typically mattress depressions of more than .5” are viewed as defective. This is one major difference you will notice with quality memory foam is that you will not have big dips in the area where you sleep with a couple years. Instead memory foam will continue to maintain its shape for years. There are many more radical differences to be found between memory foam mattresses and other conventional mattresses.

The key to a good night’s sleep often lies in the type of mattress you are sleeping on. Having a good and comfortable mattress will ensure a good night’s sleep and gives you the energy you need for the rest of the day. Through several researches and studies, it has been proven that deep sleep greatly helps a person to overcome his day-to-day problems more effectively and successfully.

In the modern era when a person often lives a stressful life style the value of deep and relaxing sleep cannot be underestimated.

Buying a quality mattress is very important if you want to enjoy a full night’s rest. There are many brands and various types of mattresses are available in market. However, choosing the best is not as overwhelming as it may first seem. You can try out many mattresses at local shopping centers and browse thousands of pages of research and reviews online. You can go through number of market trends, sales, customer feed backs, and professional recommendations to aid in your decision. As the technology advances to next level, newer and better mattresses are coming in to stores and homes worldwide. Though buying the best mattress can be a daunting purchase, remember you are investing in your sleep, health and comfort, and that a quality mattress will last you for years to come.

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