Memory foam mattresses offer the ultimate experience in comfort and back support. A lot of people wish they could retire to these beds at the end of a tiring day. With the vast number of options on the market today, sometimes giving in to the price factor is the easiest way to choose the mattress that will grace one’s bedroom. However, there are three qualities that directly affect the quality of the mattresses, and must be considered before purchasing – density, layering, and packaging.

Mattresses that use memory foam are designed to react to the user’s body heat, adjusting its shape to the contours of the body. This feature comes with beds with denser memory foam types. In contrast, less dense memory foam reacts to pressure and molds more quickly to the user’s body shape. In this light, density as a buying factor for memory foam mattresses may be subjective. By and large, though, lower density memory foams are cheaper and wear faster that their denser counterparts.

As for the mattresses’ construction, those with multiple layers are expected to last longer. Multi-layering allows for even weight distribution, lessening the pressure put on the bed. Mattresses with fewer layers tend to break down and decrease in available support faster, creating a hammock effect where the heaviest parts of the user’s body rest.

The last factor seems to be a trivial matter compared to preceding two, but poor packaging and delivery can significantly deplete the utility from the beds. Some suppliers roll or vacuum-compress their products. Memory foam mattresses packaged this way may remain curled up in some parts or incur irregularities due to prolonged bending. It is best to purchase from a supplier that does not resort to such cost-cutting delivery measures.

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Atlantic Beds offers a range of memory foam mattresses that compare to the density, layering, and overall quality of top brands, such as Tempur-Pedic. Its beds are never rolled and compressed, so consumers are certain that the company’s items will reach their homes in topnotch condition. Learn more about the brand and its products by visiting or calling 1-877-267-1497.

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