A few of your friends are buying memory foam mattresses. This visco-elastic bed technology doesn’t stop here. There are lots of memory foam bed products that you can buy them online. Typical phrases you’ll see on the Web are:

memory foam mattressesmemory foam toppers, sometimes called memory foam overlaysmemory foam pillows and evenmemory foam beds

.So what are memory foam toppers?

They are made of visco-elastic and designed to be put on top of your mattress and underneath your bed sheet. Topper sizes start from ‘Single Toppers’ going all the way up to ‘Super Kingsize Toppers’ – to suit your mattress size.
When to buy memory foam toppers

If your bed’s soft …

A topper is not your solution, particularly if you are suffering from back or joint pain relief. A memory foam topper has to have a good bed base. If this is the case, it’s probably better for you to look at buying a memory foam mattress.

If your bed’s firm…

As long as your bed is less than 5 years old and gives good support, a memory foam topper will help with pressure points and improve sleep.

Good news too, you can generally use electric blankets on top of your topper and under your bed sheet. But always check this with your memory foam supplier.
Tip before use:

All memory foam bed products, particularly mattresses and toppers, carry a noticeable chemical smell when you first unpack them, so: air your foam products for at least a week before you sleep on it, so that any smells disappear.

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