You must have heard about the benefits of sleeping on a memory foam mattress over a traditional coil mattress pad.  Your mattress is one of the most important pieces of furniture that you have in your house, yet it is also the one that is the most neglected.  Many people use their mattresses until they are no longer able to be used.  The coils by that time are digging in to their backs. 

The memory foam mattress pads have foam instead of coils.  The foam is very dense and will conform to the pressure you put on it when you go to sleep.  This means that all the parts of your body that need support will get it. 

When you think about it, it makes more sense to sleep on a mattress made of foam than one made of covered coils.  Sooner or later, the coils will give away to being painful.  While they are strong, the mattress does not have any flexibility and you may end up sleeping on a bed that is too hard and can be uncomfortable. 

Tempur-Pedic started using memory foam for consumers about 10 years ago.  The products received very good feedback from consumers as well as in medical settings so they began marking the product as their own brand.  The first memory foam mattress was the Tempur and was a huge seller.  Soon, other companies began to jump on the bandwagon and market memory foam mattresses. 

Memory foam was first developed by NASA but was not used in mattresses until the 1990s.  Today, many people opt for a memory foam mattress instead of a traditional coil mattress because they have more give in certain areas as well as more support.

The way that a memory foam mattress works is that it conforms to your body.  When you sleep in a certain position, you need support in certain pivotal points on your body.  If you are not getting that support on your body where you need it the most.  A memory support mattress gives you support where you need it and comfort in all other areas. 

When you purchase a memory foam mattress, consider how dense the foam is.  The thicker the foam on the mattress top, the more comfortable you will be when you sleep.  A good memory foam mattress not only has a solid foam mattress but also a topper which his about two or three inches thick.  You can also buy memory foam for your own mattress as a topper which can be effective, although the popularity of these mattresses have made competition stiff and they are now affordable. 

In addition to a memory foam mattress or a memory foam mattress topper, you may also choose to get a memory foam pillow.  This way, you can give your entire body support and comfort as you sleep throughout the night.

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