Our everyday life and every facet of it is interwoven with our sleep. It has a great effect on our health and our well being as well as our moods and behavior, our energy, our emotions, our jobs, our marriages, and our happiness and sanity. Philosophers and poets often have written about sleep. Picasso and Michelangelo and other painters and sculptures have used it in their art. Every single one of us on earth do it every single night of our lives. In fact about 1/3rd of the average human life span is spent sleeping. Yet most of us know very little about it.

Before the invention of the MRI and the understanding of the brain, people use to believe sleep was a quiet time, a time of inactivity and stillness. But as we’ve come to find out through advanced technology and great research, that during sleep, there are lots of different and complex activities occuring in both in our brains and in our bodies. When your sleep your body doesn’t simply turn off. In fact some are actually turned on even more during sleep than when they are awake. In fact there are even specific medical disorders that happen to occur only while the body sleeps and actually go away when the body is awake. This specific discovery is so new that certain medical textbooks that were written only several years ago are now woefully out of date and don’t contain that information.

So what is sleep? What controls this complex cycle that is as natural to us as night following the day is natural to the planet. Why do so many people “sleep like babies” while other people toss and turn all night and barely sleep a wink?

There are so many questions about sleep. So many in fact that most of them go unanswered. There is a way however that has been proven to greatly enhance an individuals night’s sleep. A memory foam mattress has been proven to provide the support and comfort that the body needs to get the best nights sleep possible. Using advanced technology and what are called “memory cells,” the memory foam mattress responds to a body’s heat and pressure. When someone lays on a memory foam mattress the memory cells absorb the person’s body heat, soften, and then give way under the pressure from the body. This allows ther person to sink down into the mattress slightly. When the body sinks down into the mattress the mattress conforms to the contours of that person’s body. Their body weight is also dispersed over the entire face of the mattress therefore eliminating any and all pressure points.

Pressure points are what happens in traditional mattresses that cause aches and pains and tossing and turning. Pressure points are parts of the mattress that respond to the heavier parts of your body. Parts of your body such as your head, shoulders, hips, and legs are heavier and the press hard against the mattress. A traditional mattress gives way only so far before begins to “push back” against your body. This is what a pressure point it is. And a memory foam mattress completely eliminates pressure points. With the elimination of pressure points you eliminate tossing and turning and aches and pains which are one of the most common reasons why people don’t get sleep at night.

So if you have trouble sleeping and it’s not a medical condition, then seriously consider a memory foam mattress as it can greatly enhance your nights sleep.

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