The original memory foam mattress was by Tempur-Pedic and it still remains the market leader. At first only one version was made but now the company makes several, each offering different covers, memory foam thicknesses, base foam thickness, etc. Some luxury models even utilize and ultra high density Tempur HD foam and materials such as suede and silk.

So what is a good memory foam mattress made of? Well they key factors that a mattress can be judged by are density, materials, comfort preference, and warranty.

Foam density means how much 1 cubic foot of foam weighs. A quality piece of memory foam that is 1 foot high by 1 foot wide and 1 foot in depth will weigh at least 5 lbs. All quality mattresses will have a density of 5 lbs or more per cubic foot. All memory foam mattresses contain a layer of only 2-6 inches of actual memory foam however, so this does not mean that the mattress will weigh 5lbs per foot. Density is probably the most telling feature in terms of quality and longevity and really has nothing to do with the firmness of the mattress.

Many households are looking for that one foam mattress memory brand that can really make a difference in their quality of sleep. But since personal preferences and budgets vary so widely, no one brand or mattress will suit everyone. High quality memory foam beds can be purchased for much less than Tempurpedic mattresses and lower quality beds can be purchased for roughly the same price as traditional mattresses. As with most purchases, you get what you pay for. Typically the more expensive brands will provide a higher quality, longer lasting product with a better warranty.

A quality foam memory mattress must possess the heat-sensitive, visco-elastic material which molds itself to every angle and curve of your body for the true memory foam experience. When you sleep on it, it gives your neck, back, shoulders and feet proper support. This is vital as your entire musculoskeletal architecture is supported in the correct anatomical position. When you test the mattresses, lie down in your normal sleep position and get comfortable for 5-10 minutes. You should feel the gradual sinking and contouring over the first few minutes. When you sleep on the memory foam mattress, notice to see if the pressure is evenly distributed across the entire contact area between your body and the mattress. For quality memory foam beds, there will be a very noticeable difference from a typical pillow-top, and the material should come back up gradually after you rise.

If you share a bed with someone, their comfort needs to be considered as well as your own. If you’re looking for a mattress for your single bed, you only need to think of your own comfort and support.

Once you’ve both decided on a day and time to look at mattresses, you need to determine what features you need. There are three basic steps you need to follow:

• Size – Many couples have a standard double or queen bed, however, the width in these beds for two people to sleep comfortably may feel limited depending on size and space preferences. If your room can accommodate it, most couples should opt for at least a queen or even a king size bed. For adjustable beds, a king (which will most likely be split) is the most recommended size for couples. A split king is essentially two twin long beds that offer a comfortable amount of personal space for the average person.

• Support – This is one of the most important factors in selecting the right mattress. There is a good chance that you and your partner require different support from a mattress, for example, one of you may be much taller or heavier than the other so it could be a good idea to look at construction types that offer support for individuals. There is the possibility that your ideas differ largely in how a mattress should be or which materials feel the best. You may wish to consider a split or customizable type mattress which can be made with two separate materials and firmnesses, but still put into one mattress for a more desirable look.

• Cost – The cost of mattresses can differ greatly, but generally, it is recommended to get the best quality mattress your budget supports, as they will typically last a long time. Although, just because you spend a lot of money on a mattress does not mean it will be the right one for you, or your partner. Put aside advertising gimmicks and promotions and look for a mattress that provides the adequate comfort and support you both require. Then when you’re ready to select one, use the internet and local ads to find the best deal.

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