Where can you find a cheap memory foam mattress? Is there even such a thing? Many people who are looking to purchase a new mattress consider purchasing a memory foam mattress. But the problem that most people run into when considering purchasing one of these unique mattresses is that they just don’t have it in their budget to afford such an expense. Most memory foam mattresses that are considered top of the line can cost anywhere from $2000 to $6000. Most people simply cannot afford that. However, because of the growing popularity of memory foam, many manufacturers have begun creating these mattresses. This has created quite a glut of competition in the last few years. This increased amount of competition has greatly lowered the price of the average foam mattress.

So what you need to be aware of are a few factors that can allow you to determine what a cheap memory foam mattress is (it’s a memory foam mattress that is inexpensive not because it’s on sale but because it was made with sub-par materials) and what an inexpensive memory foam mattress is (an inexpensive memory foam mattress is a mattress that is lower in price but is still high quality).

The Warranty

One of the most telling factors of whether or not a memory foam mattress is simply cheap (cheap in a bad way meaning constructed poorly) is whether or not they have a strong warranty. If the warranty is under 10 years and is sporadic on its coverage then you want to pass up that mattress and find a different one. A solid warranty should cover the mattress for over 10 years and cover all basic wear and tear. There are some companies online that offer warranties for their memory foam mattresses that last more than 20 years. So check the warranty before you make any purchases as it can provide one of the surest answers to the question of whether not the mattress is too cheap.

Made In The USA

Memory foam made outside of the United States, Canada, or Sweden (Temper-Pedic) can be very poorly made and can even contain toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and PBDE. So check any label and make sure that it was made in the United States, Canada, or Sweden.

How Long In Business

Another telling factor as to whether not the manufacturer is producing a high quality product is to check and see how long that manufacture has been in business. If the manufacturer has been in business for five years or more than they must be doing something right. If they’ve been open for five years or more than more than likely they provide a high quality product that customers enjoy. If they didn’t provide a high quality product or products that customers enjoyed then they still would not be in business. You can find how long the company has been in business by going to their website and checking their “about us” page.

So when looking for a cheap memory foam mattress make sure that you purchase an inexpensive memory foam mattress that is still high quality. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a memory foam mattress simply because it’s inexpensive. And be sure to check the warranty, where it’s made, and how long the company who manufactured it has been in business.

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