Memory foam material was first developed by NASA to ease the pressure of G-forces experienced by astronauts during the space shuttle take-off. The memory foam was never used in the NASA space program due to the chemical smell being contained in a tiny, unventilated area, but was purchased by a Swedish company and used in medical applications subsequently.

Memory foam mattresses were initially too expensive for general use. However, in recent years the technology and materials have became less costly to produce and they are now vastly available to the average consumer. Its most typical domestic applications are pillows, mattress toppers (mattress pads), furniture and mattresses. Memory foam mattresses usually sell for more than traditional mattresses but they last much longer and provide unparalleled comfort.

The very early beds were little more than heaps of straw or other organic materials. Initially, these were straw bags for most individuals and filled with fluffy feathers for wealthy individuals. Afterward, new fillings such as artificial fillers and cotton became common. Currently, most mattresses use solid foam, water, springs or air.

Luckily for us, today’s advancements in technology offer us sophisticated sleep systems that remove all pressure from the body and support the spine in a natural position. To make memory foam beds more comfortable, the top layer is usually pure memory foam, and the bottom layer is orthopedic support foam that prevents the sleeper from seeking all the way into the mattress. Memory foam beds come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Memory foam toppers reduce tossing and turning that is normally associated with uncomfortable sleeping. They allow air to move beneath one while sleeping, ensuring a comfortable, cool night’s rest. Memory foam toppers wick the heat away from one’s body to keep one cool. Due to the innovative air circulation advancement in recent years, memory foam toppers are suitable for all types of climates, any time of the year. The progressive cut offers extra support where you need it, and of course softness exactly where you want it.

Over the last century there have been a number of mattress types that have tried to address the problem of painful pressure points and improper alignment. Inner spring, air, water, foam, latex and so on all cause some form of pressure to be pushing upwards as the body is being pulled down by gravity. This traps the delicate skin and veins between the bed and skeletal system causing pain and poor circulation, ultimately waking the sleeper to move positions. Although each has its plus points, none of them could satisfactorily distribute weight evenly and eliminate pressure points.

Viscoelastic is comprised of two words; ‘visco’ – having a relatively high resistance to flow or be sticky and ‘elastic’ – the ability to return to a previous shape and being stretched or compressed. This means that the body heat, when in contact with foam, causes the foam to be pliable and viscous, allowing it to conform to the shape of the body and support area such as the lower back, allowing the entire body to relax. Since there is no force pushing against areas like the hips and shoulders, pressure point are virtually nonexistent.

Many manufacturers now make their own version of memory foam, including the big players like, Sealy, Serta and Simmons, and many others. Memory foam is here to stay and is becoming more popular over time. Whether or not it will topple the inner spring as the preferred choice remains to be seen, but more and more people are switching to memory foam it becomes more affordable and more widely available thanks to the internet.

Air mattresses are traditionally used for short duration situations such as vacationing, or temporary living situations but recently residential use air mattresses designed to function as the primary mattress are also gaining popularity. The primary benefit of an air mattress like a sleep number bed is the ability to adjust the pressure of the air from night to night, or have to different sides for couples, so that each partner can sleep at his or her preferred firmness. Air mattresses themselves do not provide the posture and contouring support of memory foam, however now you can find air mattresses with toppers of memory foam or latex.

Buying new a mattress is an important decision. Some people may get confused while purchasing new mattresses, especially if this is their first mattress purchase in several years. Therefore, mattress reviews online and online research may help people to select the best mattress. Additionally, making a trip to local stores to test out different kinds of new mattresses is a good idea, although the best deals will usually be found online. Reviews and feedbacks help people to buy the best quality mattresses as they show some of the best available mattresses in the market and any consumer issues there may be with a particular bed.

Many manufacturers have been designing mattresses for years. They provide wide ranges of mattresses that are made from best quality materials. While warranties from big, established companies are definitely more trustworthy, there are some great newer or smaller companies developing good quality mattresses by using innovative technologies that you may want to check as well.

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