These days Memory foam mattress is quite famous. Memory Foam Mattresses are being used all over the world, not only for their comfort but also for all the health benefits they provide. Largely it has revolutionized our life. Actually, NASA had created first memory foam mattress. There purpose behind creating memory foam mattress was quite different. NASA started this program to help the astronauts so that they may reach the heaven with having profound night’s sleep. They started heading towards this creation with the aim of creating such foam that would be able to sense the body temperature and body weight as well. These researchers were trying to create such memory foam that would have the quality to gently conform to the shape of the body. That would enable an astronaut to have coziness. Such kind of foam would provide a perfect amount of support for a long period. This whole research was aimed at helping daring astronauts to grab the space and boldly go where none had gone before this.

This mission gained momentum in the early 1970′s by NASA’s Ames Research Centre. This mission was very sanguine about creating such foam that would be able to help astronauts to overcome G-forces during the lift-off of space shuttle etc. The specialists of NASA’s space program created a new foam material known as visco-elastic and that foam material was able to conform to a person’s shape. Some people think that memory foam mattresses have some business with memory that is wrong. Memory foam mattresses do not have a memory but the cells of memory foam mattresses get deformed by evacuating the air when they are suppressed. Now NASA does not have monopoly over the Memory foam mattresses. These days, memory foam mattresses are being produced for commercial purposes. Fagerdala World Foams of Sweden is the first company that started producing memory foam mattresses for commercial purposes in the year 1980. In the year 1992, the same product was launched in North America and similarly, received excellent results.

With the success of Tempur-Pedic, other foam manufacturers in Canada and the United States began to develop their own visco elastic memory foam material to offer Mattress. Upholstering and specialty product companies allow consumers a wide variety of products and prices to choose. Now many other companies have surged to produce memory foam mattresses and now anyone can think of buying memory foam mattresses. Many medical institutions especially for osteopathy and physiotherapy purposes are using memory foam mattresses as memory foam mattresses have unique quality that improves blood circulation and help to reduce the sores that are caused due to pressure. These memory foam mattresses also give relief to those patients who bed ridden either due to burning or due to thief illness. Memory foam mattresses are no less than a boon to those who do are deprived from enjoying profound sleep and go on tossing and turning in the night and in the morning too present a sluggish look and feel drowsy in the day.

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